One Year after AMO PETRIC starting the business, only 4 pet care creams were developed? What is the reason?

(February 23, 2019) – On February 14th, 2019, AMO PETRIC held a new product release conference in Copenhagen, which means it officially launched four organic products for the global market and the full range could be used and ate by both puppies and pregnant dogs. Half a year before the official release, AMO has conducted well-prepared pilot tests in 4 countries in the world, and the feedback results turned out to be surprisingly good.

In the first half of the conference, the founder of AMO introduced the team structure as well as the brand concept. In the second half, the company officially launched its organic series for the whole world.

Interestingly, the R&D team has only developed 4 pet care creams within a year and half, and the progress is a bit slow according to the team.

By interviewing the staff of the R&D team, they finally find out the reason: To combine the edible grade product with obvious effect for pet cure is extremely challenging. Therefore, the entire team has made more than 30 formulas and the research process has been overturned many times and was quite time-consuming.

AMO PETRIC also highlighted the raw materials as well as black technology of the products at the release conference. It claims that all of the raw materials come from the world’s top oil suppliers and are organic & safe to an edible level.

We also understood that by utilizing the small molecular oil technology could AMO make the product more isolated and more permeable. As AMO PETRIC mentioned, this unique design enables the product to be more efficiently and effectively.

After a year of developing, AMO PETRIC has only developed 4 pet care cream. We do hope to promote the pet care industry with the best ingredients and care formulas.

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