Connect with your community: EyesUP introduces New Nearby Feature

EyesUP by MicroSLT just added a new feature called “Nearby” which allows users to easily meet people within their area. By allowing the app to access their location, EyesUP users can then view other active users within a maximum radius of 200km through the nearby tab. You can also filter results through selecting by gender, restricting results to people within your friend list, or merely viewing who is currently online. If you don’t want others to find your profile under the Nearby tab, you can switch off the feature but it works both ways: hiding your profile will also mean you can’t view other users’ location. With this, EyesUP aims to help shift focus to building local communities and helping people broaden their social circles.

The newest build of EyesUP also boasts better user experience: bugs reported in the previous versions and the app’s stability have been fixed and is now available in more countries. With its wider reach and continuous development, EyesUP’s latest version is sure to get you closer to your local communities as well as others all around the globe.